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Conwy Tide Times for 17th January 2018

Tide Times & Heights for Conwy on 17th January 2018

05:42 - Low Tide (1.74m)
11:02 - High Tide (7.74m)
18:04 - Low Tide (1.65m)
23:22 - High Tide (7.39m)

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Webcam view over Conwy Marina

Webcam view from Deganwy Marina

CMBHA in Conwy & Deganwy Marinas

More Brilliant News - Network Yacht Chandlery now offers CMBHA card holders a 10% discount on all purchases. A current membership card must be produced to get the discount, no matter how often you go there or how (in)famous you are!

The web camera in Conwy Marina (Update) has served us pretty well over the last 6 years and now needs replacing. It's just a cheap Huawei smart phone running a web camera app. We have bought a new one and it's currently being configured by Livetech. It should hopefully be in place and working by about 19th January.

Complementary Boat Show Tickets: Martin Berman has available a number of complementary tickets to the London Boat Show at Excel London, which he is offering to CMBHA members. The show runs from 10th to 14th January 2018. If you would like some, please email him at As the tickets are paper ones, please include your full postal address, so they can be posted to you. There is a limited supply, so it's first come, first served; and a maximum of 4 per applicant, please.

The November Newsletter - was emailed on 17th November.

A new CMBHA members' 10% Discount on Food at The Mulberry . A valid, current membership card MUST be produced, no matter how often you've been there or how well you  now the managers or the staff. The discount applies to food only and not drinks of any kind.

Have you read the September Newsletter? - it was emailed on 15th September and can also be read here, on this web site.

Saturday 14th October - End of Season Dinner-Dance. Details and some TICKETS  are still AVAILABLE at the Mulberry Store at Conwy Marina or by clicking here - members need to log in. Or reserve tickets by messaging to Kate Kenwright through Conwy Mariners on Facebook. CMBHA members can buy up to 6 tickets at the special price of £35 per person. Non-members can buy tickets for £40 each - or join CMBHA to access tickets at the special price!

Another date for your diary - Restart a Heart Day on Monday 16th October. This is a British Heart Foundation annual event and CMBHA will be providing training in CPR and the use of a defibrillator like those now available in Conwy Marina and Deganwy Marina. Please email or phone 07768171591 if you'd like to attend. We have cancelled the sessions for Sunday 15th October due to lack of interest from members. If someone has a heart attack on your boat, each minute without CPR reduces their chance of survival by 10%. How long will it take a lifeboat to get to you?

All Wales Boat Show - It was good to meet members on stand 30 during the boat show.

A newsletter was sent out to members on Thursday 8th June and it included information about a special CMBHA boat show deal for members. The newsletter also includes information about another opportunity to imbibe, but it requires a response ASAP. All recent newsletter can be downloaded from our Newsletters page.

Summer Lift-out Package - This is a great package for CMBHA members only - from 3rd July to 2nd October, for a limited number of boats;  lift-out and pressure wash on a Monday and then lift back in the water on the following Monday. Click here for details and the application form.

Rail Ale Cruise May 19th – 21st 2017 here This was a fabulous cruising opportunity to Caernarfon, with a great selection of beers, steam trains, live entertainment and food.

Friends - do you know of someone who might like to join CMBHA? Perhaps you print this flyer and use it to persuade them to join. Please click on the link Flyer 1

The May 2017 Newsletter was sent out on 15th May. Please use the Contact form to tell us if you haven't received it. The Newsletter included information about the Rail Ale Cruise for 19th/20th May. The Newsletter also mentions the CMBHA Summer Lift Out Package, with details and application form here.

The 2017 Start of Season Supper was on Saturday 22nd April at Conwy Golf Club with a fabulous buffet and a disco.

The 2017 AGM was on Saturday 8th April at Conwy Golf Club, with tea & coffee available from 9:30am.  AGM was reasonably well attended and the formal business concluded in about half an hour: it was then followed by a much more interesting forum.

You can join CMBHA on this web site and at The Mulberry Grocery Store. We're currently looking for an agent in Deganwy to make it easier for our members to join. Documents for the AGM are on a members-only page called AGM 2017 in the Membership menu above - minutes should appear there during April. You will be asked to log in and then click on the link again. You'll need your username or email address (the one you gave us) and your password to log in.

We try to protect your information from hackers, so you'll be locked out of the system for 30 minutes if you enter the wrong information 3 times. However, you can get a new password by clicking on the 'forgotten password' link: but you must use the same email address as the one you gave to CMBHA. And don't forget to look in your 'spam' or 'junk mail' folder.

In 2016, a UK circumnavigation was completed in Liquid Asset, by  Jane and Eric Crowther. Read Jane's account here.

CMBHA 2016 End of Season Dinner - Saturday 15th October.  It was another great evening, with good food, an 8-piece band and great company.

The 2016 CMBHA AGM was held at 10am on Saturday 16th April at Conwy Golf Club and was completed in 32 minutes. Documents relevant to AGM appear on this members-only page.

Old CMBHA membership expires on 31st March. Anyone joining or renewing now will receive membership until 31st March 2018. You can join or renew using this web site, or at The Mulberry Grocery Shop in Conwy Marina.  New membership cards are usually collected from your marina, but please give us a few days to organise that after the transaction.

The debrillators at both Conwy and Deganwy Marinas are in their cabinets ouside each Reception entrance.

Tell us what you want from your CMBHA membership.
This is how to renew your membership online:

  1. log into your account - this can be done by clicking Renew in the Membership menu
  2. click on Renew again in the Membership menu
  3. click on the Renew button, so you'll be taken to the payment page.

Or pay by cash or cheque at The Mulberry Shop in Conwy Marina.

Or are you new to CMBHA? Join online using this web site.  Or join at Ideal Boats in Deganwy Marina or in The Mulberry Shop  in Conwy Marina.

Don't forget to join our Facebook group called Conwy Mariners  and share any boating photographs and any stories about any trips you've made, or any work you've done on your boat.

This web site might be useful -

If there is anything else that you would like to see on the site, please just use our feedback form on the Contact and Feedback page.

If you are not yet a member of the Association, you are very welcome to join us. Please just go to Join Us for details.