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Conwy Tide Times for 19th November 2019

Tide Times & Heights for Conwy on 19th November 2019

03:04 - High Tide (6.76m)
09:49 - Low Tide (2.53m)
15:30 - High Tide (6.95m)
22:39 - Low Tide (2.29m)

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Webcam view over Conwy Marina

Conwy Wind Forcast

Digital Membership Card

The Digital Membership Card is intended as a backup for when you may have forgotten to have your membership card with you.

We have been told that it will be accepted by Conwy Quays Marina for the Spring Fuel Discount, The Mulberry for its Food Discount and Yacht Chandlers Conwy at Conwy Marina. We have not yet got the approval of our other discounters for the digital membership card.

It needs you to take a screenshot of your "membership card" web page with a smart phone, and then just display it as a photo in your album.

With an Apple iPhone, this is done by pressing the home button and the power button simultaneously (or together): not one after the other.

For Android phones, this might also work, but you need to check. I just searched for "android screenshot" and got this web site, but we suggest that you carry out your own search, or look at your instruction manual, if you have one!

Anyway, when you're ready, go to our digital membership card page, you will be asked to log in, and then go there again. It will show your name, your membership number and the expiry date of your membership. And then take a screenshot.

Please remember that we are a small organisation, managed by an even smaller membership committee, so please be patient. And let us know if there are any problems with the system.

This is the web page that you visit for your digital membership card.