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Conwy Tide Times for 23rd July 2019

Tide Times & Heights for Conwy on 23rd July 2019

03:19 - High Tide (7.15m)
10:20 - Low Tide (1.99m)
15:46 - High Tide (6.57m)
22:33 - Low Tide (2.37m)

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Webcam view over Conwy Marina

Conwy Wind Forcast

Winter Offer 2018

Winter Offer to CMBHA members for November 2018 : 20 NOT 8 weeks ashore + FREE hull wash

These are the terms of the offer:

  • 20 weeks ashore FOC (free of charge) instead of the contracted 8 weeks
  • Minimum period of 16 weeks ashore
  • Offer expires 31st March 2019
  • Conwy Quays Marina to have access to utilise all berths including Private berths
  • Excludes cradle and boat stand hire
  • CMBHA to request lifts on members behalf - please use the form below
  • Lift out and lift in date to be made at time of booking
  •  Early lift in will result in full charges being applied, including for the scrub at lift-out
  •  Conwy Quays Marina to confirm booking directly with owners
  • Offer available Monday to Friday inclusive during the month of November only
  •  Conwy Quays Marina Resident Annual standard berth holders only
  •  Berth holder to be compliant with all other Quay Marinas conditions and Payment Terms
  • As the marina will be inputting the launch date in the lift diary at the time of booking, berth holders must cancel launch dates in writing as boats will be automatically launched if no other notification is made.

You might find this table helpful for planning your lift-out and lift-in

day lifted out date lifted out earliest date for lift in latest date for lift in
Thursday 01-11-18 21-02-19 21-03-19
Friday 02-11-18 22-02-19 22-03-19
Monday 05-11-18 25-02-19 25-03-19
Tuesday 06-11-18 26-02-19 26-03-19
Wednesday 07-11-18 27-02-19 27-03-19
Thursday 08-11-18 28-02-19 28-03-19
Friday 09-11-18 01-03-19 29-03-19
Monday 12-11-18 04-03-19 29-03-19
Tuesday 13-11-18 05-03-19 29-03-19
Wednesday 14-11-18 06-03-19 29-03-19
Thursday 15-11-18 07-03-19 29-03-19
Friday 16-11-18 08-03-19 29-03-19
Monday 19-11-18 11-03-19 29-03-19
Tuesday 20-11-18 12-03-19 29-03-19
Wednesday 21-11-18 13-03-19 29-03-19
Thursday 22-11-18 14-03-19 29-03-19
Friday 23-11-18 15-03-19 29-03-19
Monday 26-11-18 18-03-19 29-03-19
Tuesday 27-11-18 19-03-19 29-03-19
Wednesday 28-11-18 20-03-19 29-03-19
Thursday 29-11-18 21-03-19 29-03-19
Friday 30-11-18 22-03-19 29-03-19

Please use this form to apply for the package. Your membership of CMBHA will be checked by a committee member and then the form will be forwarded to Quay Marinas who will then contact you. Please be aware that this can take a little time and that your preferred lift dates might already be fully booked.

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Boat Name (required)

Sail or Power (required)

Length overall - state metres or feet (required)

Quay Marinas make an additional charge for transferring boats between their berths and the hoist. Will you transfer the boat between your berth and the hoist on both lifting days, avoiding this extra charge? (required)

Is a cradle needed? (required)
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Berth ID (required)

Preferred lift out dates (required)

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